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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

India : Birds die but flu ruled out

Article via The Telegraph :

" A bird flu scare in three villages in the Englishbazar area following the death of hundreds of chickens in the past few days was allayed today after veterinarians confirmed that the poultry was dying from Ranikhet disease that does not affect humans.

All birds had been culled on a war footing in the area in 2008 and the following year when the locality was hit by the avian flu virus that spreads to humans also.

Meghu Sheikh of Satgharia village is among hundreds of farmers who have been affected by the outbreak of Ranikhet disease. “I had been rearing seven chickens to supplement my income as a farm labourer. From Wednesday, the birds began dying one after another and the last three died this morning. I have buried them all.”

The farmer said when the bird flu had hit the village, he and others had handed over chickens to culling teams."

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