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Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Zealand : Jab urged to avoid swine flu outbreak

Via Wairarapa Times :

" Officials work to avoid spread of virus which hit schools last year Wairarapa people are being urged to get in quick for their flu jabs as health officials work to avoid a repeat of last year's horror swine flu season.

Last winter Wairarapa schools were hammered by a large outbreak of swine flu, with thousands of students infected and several admitted to Wairarapa Hospital.

The outbreak got so bad that in August some schools were reporting up to 50 per cent of their students away from school with the virus.

Regional Public Health medical officer Annette Nesdale said if people had not already been immunised they needed to act quickly.

"Now is the time to do it.

"It takes about 14 days to make the antibodies to protect you so the smart people in the community get it early because they know they will be protected."

She said this year's flu vaccine included protection against the H1N1 swine flu strain as well as two other strains of flu."

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