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Monday, June 6, 2011

German officials seek evidence of sprout E. coli source

From DW World, excerpt :

" Sprouts from a market garden in Lower Saxony are now suspected of causing a deadly outbreak of E. coli bacteria in Germany. Officials hope for definitive results on Monday, but say their fresh lead is strong.

Researchers chasing after the root of a deadly outbreak of E. coli bacteria in Germany said Sunday that they had uncovered a new, important lead.

Gert Lindemann, agriculture minister for Lower Saxony, said a market garden in the rural district of Uelzen had yielded a connection "involving all the main outbreaks" of the disease, which is thought to have affected more than 2,000 people.

"From our view, this is the most concrete source," said Lindemann.

Although there was no definitive proof on Sunday, the ministry said the indications were strong enough to suggest people avoid sprouts for the time being.

"We do have notable evidence suggesting that a business in Uelzen could be the source of the infection, but we must wait for confirmation from laboratory tests," German Health Minister Daniel Bahr said.

Definitive laboratory results could be in later on Monday. As well as apparent connections to the major outbreaks, one employee of the northern German farm had also contracted the disease, authorities said."

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