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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ecuador reports 137 H1N1 cases, 11 deaths

Via Xinhua :

" The H1N1 Influenza A virus has killed 11 and infected 137 people this year in Ecuador, spreading to 14 provinces out of its 24 provinces, the Ministry of Public Health said Tuesday.

The latest report said 4 deaths were registered in the Andean province, while the province of Pichincha had most infections of 56 cases.

"These figures fall within the range expected by the Pan American Health Organization," said Norma Armas, national undersecretary of Public Health Monitoring.

She added the Ministry of Public Health has been monitoring the spread of the disease on a daily basis since March.

Last week, the ministry banned the over-the-counter sale of cold remedies, anti-inflammatories and pain-relief remedies that can only be acquired by prescription, warning that self-medication can hide the symptoms of the virus and make the situation worse.

The H1N1 virus first appeared in Ecuador during a worldwide pandemic in 2009, killing at least 14 people and infecting as many as 2,251.

Last year, the health ministry vaccinated 3.5 million people. It plans to vaccinate another 4 million in October and November this year."

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