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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

WHO sees changing pattern in recent MERS cases

From Robert Roos at CIDRAP, excerpt :

" Recent MERS-CoV cases have featured less severe symptoms and patients who were younger and more likely to be female, but precisely what the changing pattern means is not clear, the World Health Organization (WHO) said in a new summary today.

The report came on the heels of a Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health (MOH) report of another new case, this one in a 66-year-old man in the southwestern province of Asir, who was said to be in stable condition. His illness raises Saudi Arabia's MERS-CoV (Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus) count to 66 cases with 38 deaths.

The MOH also announced the recovery of another patient, a female healthcare worker in Hafr Al-Batin in the northeastern part of the country. She apparently is the same patient whose case was noted by the WHO 2 days ago. The WHO listed her age as 56.

In still another development, the WHO's new emergency committee on MERS-CoV held its first teleconference today and scheduled a second session for Jul 17, the WHO said. Today's inaugural session focused on background briefings."

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