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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Malaysia : After haze, there's dengue

Via New Straits Times :

" Johor recorded the highest number of dengue fever deaths this year with seven cases
AS Johor recovers from the haze that engulfed the state about three weeks ago, another problem has cropped up.

This time round, there are fears of a dengue fever epidemic after the state recorded the highest number of deaths from dengue, with seven cases over the past six months, compared with only one last year.

Johor also recorded the highest increase, 88 per cent, compared with eight states. Sarawak has 58 per cent, Sabah (41 per cent), Negri Sembilan (33 per cent), Perak (15 per cent), Kelantan (seven per cent), Perlis (two per cent) and Selangor (one per cent).

This increase has sent the authorities into another alert, with the state and municipal councils taking steps and implementing concentrated vector-control activities in various areas.

In Malaysia, the fight against dengue is an annual affair, especially during rainy spells. Mosquitoes breed mainly in tropical and sub-tropical climates."

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