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Friday, September 13, 2013

Chadian hospitals report increased malaria cases

Via Xinhua :

 In major hospitals in the Chadian capital and other towns, more malaria cases are being reported and the government has decided to distribute treated mosquito nets to save more people from contracting the disease.

For the last two months, public and private hospitals and other health centers in N'Djamena have not ceased receiving an increased number of malaria patients, who have caused unprecedented overcrowding in hospitals.
"We have observed an increased number of malaria patients, as well as those affected by the problem of hygiene," said Hassan Soukaya Youssouf, the secretary of the Chadian Public Health Ministry.
"Malaria remains a major public health challenge in Chad and constitutes the main cause of death among children aged below five years. The disease is widespread across the entire national territory but it is more prevalent in the southern and central regions," said Bruno Maes, the UNICEF representative in Chad.
The representative of a U.S.-based NGO "Malaria No More", Ndelembai Njesada, whose organization helps to fight malaria in Chad, said the current spread of the disease could get worse."

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