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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

India, New Delhi : Dengue cases in capital touch 142 in one month

Via Deccan Herald, excerpt :

An alarming 142 cases of dengue have been detected in August in the city, the highest this year, prompting the municipal bodies to step up preventive measures.

From 11 cases in July, the highest till then, the figure for dengue has jumped to 142, which has been attributed to intermittent rains and stable temperature building conducive mosquitogenic conditions but no death has been reported so far, according to an MCD report released.

“The peak for dengue cases is generally during September end but due to intermittent rains last month, the temperature got stabilised to about 25 degree Celsius, conducive for breeding of related mosquitoes and hence the manifold rise,” North Delhi and East Delhi public relations officer Yogendra Singh Mann said.

There were only 20 cases of dengue from January to July, while March and May posted none. For Delhi region, in the January-August period, a total of 152 dengue cases were reported, while 10 were reported from Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and other states, the report said. Figures for various corporations are — North (90), South (36) and East (13)."

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