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Thursday, September 5, 2013

India, Mumbai : Girl dies of dengue, H1N1 claims woman

Article via Times of India, excerpt :

 Despite the month-long dry spell, two people succumbed to dengue and H1N1 on Wednesday. The dengue death took place at Motilal Nagar in Goregaon, near Shastri Nagar, which recently reported a cluster of cases and a death from an adjoining area. Two dengue deaths within 24 hours from Goregaon have got locals panicky, political representatives said.

Anup Kharwar (12) became the fourth to die of dengue in the city in little over a month. The standard VII student was undergoing treatment under a local physician who advised hospitalization when his condition showed no improvement. He was admitted to Kapadia Hospital on Tuesday, when dengue was confirmed.

The doctors, however, told the family to shift him to a better medical set-up as his condition had become critical."

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