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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Rwanda : 30 Cholera Cases Reported At Nkombo Island

Via All Africa :

" At leaset 26 people have been treated for Cholera at Nkombo Island since August, with hundreds of others at the risk of contracting the disease.

According to the director of Nkombo Health Centre, Didas Mukeshimana, the disease outbreak is attributed to low access to clean and safe water at the island.
No death has so far been recorded officials said. The statistics were announced during a meeting to discuss how to avert the outbreak on the Lake Kivu Island this week that brought together local health and grassroots leaders, district officials and residents.
Nkombo Island is approximately 11 Kilometres from Kamembe town.
The island, which is one of the 18 sectors that make up Rusizi District, covers an area of 21 square kilometres and is populated by about 17,000 residents."

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