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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Indonesia : Conditions Improved Patient Suspect Bird Flu

Machine translated article from Republika Online :

The condition of the patient suspectbird flu, Nur Choiriyah Agustin (38 years) improved. But the patient is still in intensive care at Dr Sardjito.
"Until now we have not received the results of blood samples that we have sent to Jakarta (red. Agency for Health Research and Development Ministry of Health). Yesterday (red. Sunday, 1/9) we send the samples again," said Chairman Tim Penangulangan Bird Flu dr Sumardi, SpPD (K) to Republika , Monday (2/9).
He said he had sent samples to the Health Ministry twice to ascertain whether the patient is exposed to bird flu or not. Samples are sent in the form of lung fluid and blood.
Meanwhile, Head of Prevention and Control of Health Department of Health Problems DIY Daryanto Chadorie also said it has not received the results of the examination of blood samples of patients suspect bird flu, which is still being treated at Dr Sardjito.
"Until now I have not received the results of Jakarta (red. Ministry of Health)," said Daryanto told Reuters on Monday (2/9). 
As reported in Reuters , Monday (2/9), the patient suspect bird flu is a research Center for Social and Economic Policy Studies at Bogor."

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