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Thursday, November 28, 2013

FIFA World Cup organisers warned of dengue fever risk at 2014 Brazil tournament

Via ABC News :

A leading expert in infectious diseases is urging Brazil to act aggressively to head off a risk from dengue fever at next year's World Cup.

The risk from the dangerous mosquito-borne virus will be greatest at matches played in three northeastern cities, Fortaleza, Natal and Salvador, said Simon Hay, a fellow at Oxford University, on Thursday.
In other cities, the dengue season is likely to have peaked before the June 12 - July 13 tournament, he said.
"Unfortunately, the risk remains high during these months in the northeast," Hay said in a commentary in the prestigious scientific journal Nature.
"The Brazilian authorities should implement aggressive vector control in April and May, particularly around the northern stadiums, to decrease the number of dengue-transmitting mosquitoes."

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