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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Indonesia : Three people dead from bird flu this year

Via The Jakarta Post :

A 31-year-old housewife in Bekasi, West Java, died of bird flu last week, bringing this year’s death toll caused by the H5N1 virus to three, the Health Ministry has announced.
According to the ministry, the woman have suffered from a fever since early November and died on Nov. 11, before she had received specialized treatment for bird flu. After examining the victim’s home and environment, Health Ministry officials said she likely contracted the H5N1 virus due to the 50 or 60 chickens in her neighborhood, including her own, home-kept chicken.
The country had witnessed 195 cases of H5N1, causing 163 fatalities, since 2005, the ministry said. “If we think of the 55 fatalities suffered in 2005, this year’s total fatality rate is very low,” the ministry’s director general for disease control and environmental health, Tjandra Yoga Aditama, said recently."

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