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Friday, November 1, 2013

Little girl becomes 22nd bird flu victim in Cambodia in 2013

Via Xinhua :

A six-year-old girl from northwestern Battambang province has been confirmed of having contracted the H5N1 virus, which brings the number of the cases to 22 so far this year, a joint statement by the World Health Organization and the Cambodian Health Ministry said Friday.

The little girl was confirmed positive for human H5N1 avian influenza last week after she was admitted to the Jayavarman VII Hospital in Siem Reap province with fever, cough, abdominal pain, running nose, sore throat and dyspnea.
"The girl has been treated with Tamiflu and now, her condition is stable," the statement said.
"Investigations in her village found that chickens and ducks had recently died in the girl's neighbors' houses and also in nearby villages," it said. "Human and animal investigations are underway to determine if the girl had direct exposure or handled the sick and dead birds."
Only 11 out of the 22 cases this year survived."

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