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Friday, May 21, 2010

India : H1N1 vaccine found safe after trial

Via Indian Express :

" Following a clinical trail at the Serum Institute of India Limited, the indigenous HINI vaccine has been found safe. A licence for mass production is likely to be given by mid June after a report prepared by scientists is reviewed by the Drug Controller General of India.

Dr Prasad Kulkarni, in-charge of the clinical trial for the HINI vaccine told The Indian Express that the first part of the Phase II and III trial has been completed. “The vaccine has been found to be ‘safe’ and there are no serious side effects. We are now analysing the data prior to the phase III of the trial,” Kulkarni said. The vaccine will be priced at Rs 150 per unit and will be available in a syringe and delivered by a pump like mechanism atop the syringe. "

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