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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kerala has highest incidence of swine flu: Govt

Via Times of India :

" The Central team of scientists which conducted an epidemiological study on the spread of swine flu in Kerala, which has claimed 18 lives since last month, would submit a detailed report to the Union Health Ministry on the situation in the state.

More than 200 patients are undergoing treatment for H1N1 virus at various hospitals in the state, which is the highest in the country this year, Health Department officials said today.

Sunil Gupta, Joint Director (Microbiology), National Centre for Disease Control, who led the team, however, said measures taken to tackle the situation had resulted in a marked decrease in the number of cases in the last few days.

Asked if Kerala had the highest incidence of H1N1 this season, Gupta said, "till now, yes."

But the fact that more pregnant women were affected with the virus in the state was a cause for concern as among the dead are nine pregnant women. Pregnant women, children and old people who had low immunity belonged to the high risk group, he told a press conference here winding up a three-day visit to the state.

High moisture content in the air with the onset of monsoon might also have caused the spread of the viral infection, he said.

The Centre was assisting the state in prevention and control of the disease. Sufficient doses of Tamiflu, the preventive vaccine for the infection, had already been provided to the state."

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