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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Russia : In Tuva in 85 dead birds found bird flu

Another article, this time from Russia which I used Google Translate on. A bird flu outbreak, excerpt :

" In the region of Tuva Ovyurskogo introduced state of emergency because of the risk of avian influenza.

Service of veterinary supervision Tuva found hotbed of infection of avian influenza on the lake Uvs Nuur on the border with Mongolia. The specialists went to the scene and found 85 dead bodies of birds.Service vetnadzora Tuva identified the bird flu virus in dead birds, reported to Interfax-Siberia ", the press service of the Tuva government.

Experts have already begun their disposal.

To localize the infection created a synthesis of anti detachment, which on June 15 went to the lake.Experts put their carcass birds in deep pits and burned.After the destruction of the pit will be backfilled, enclosed by barbed wire and equipped with warning signs. Telephone communications with participants of the detachment there, the latest data on the development of the disease will be known no earlier than June 25."

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