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Monday, February 14, 2011

Dengue is back in South America: 31 dead and 46,600 suspected cases

An article from Merco Press :

" An outbreak of dengue fever across much of Latin America has killed 31 people since the start of the year and is showing no sign of relenting. Endemic in several countries there’s growing concern following the discovery of a very “aggressive” strain in Peru.

There is no vaccine for dengue, a mosquito-borne viral disease endemic to tropical regions across the world, including Asia and Africa.

Since January 1, nearly 46,600 confirmed or suspected cases have been detected in Latinamerica according to the latest reports from the Pan-American Health Organization, PAHO.

Those deaths include at least 14 in Peru's north-eastern Amazon jungle region, eight in Colombia, five in Paraguay and four in Bolivia. Another twelve are been tested in Brazil for confirmation.

In 2010 the disease killed 1,187 people across Latin America, according to PAHO figures. Some 1.8 million cases were detected, the PAHO said."

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