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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Indonesia : Thousands of Chickens Die Sudden, Kerinci Bird Flu Preparedness

Machine translated report from Suara Pembaruan :

" County government (Pemkab) Kerinci, Jambi Province set the alert status of bird flu (avian influenza) following the spread of bird flu outbreak in the area. Outbreaks of bird flu in Kerinci until Tuesday (2 / 2) has spread to six villages. While the number of chickens that died of bird flu disease in the thousandstail.

Head of Animal Husbandry Department of Health Kerinci District, who was contacted in Sungaipenuh Ariyan, Kerinci, Wednesday (2 / 2) explains, it asked residents in the area of bird flu alert because of the spread of the disease quickly spread. In this week, an outbreak of bird flu has spread to six villages in the district Sitinjaulaut. Each Village Sebukar, red, Middle Pendung, Cape Mudo, Seleman and New Koto Hiang."

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