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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Heroic 'Fukushima Fifty' workers battling to avert nuclear catastrophe

From Mirror News, no matter what is the outcome of this whole "crisis", these guys are indeed HEROES in their own rights :

" HEROIC team of workers last night said they would give their lives to save Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant from disaster.

They have voluntarily exposed themselves to potentially fatal levels of radiation at the facility, saying: “We are not afraid to die.”

The 180 technicians have been nicknamed The Fukushima Fifty because they rotate shifts at the plant in teams of 50 in a desperate bid to cool overheating reactors.

A source said: “They are the bravest of the brave and have put themselves before their country.”

And Tokyo radiology professor Keiichi Nakagawa said: “This is like suicide fighters in a war.”
They fled the plant in the early hours of yesterday after radiation levels rose – but they returned and Japan raised the maximum dose allowed for workers by 150%.

Experts say their radiation suits and oxygen tanks provide little protection from deadly invisible radiation seeping into their bodies.

And 500 bone marrow transplant centres across 27 European countries are now on alert to treat them."

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