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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Indonesia : Seven County / City of West Sumatra Positive Bird Flu

Translated article from Media Indonesia :

" Data Provincial Animal Husbandry of West Sumatra (West Sumatra) recorded at least 2400 birds scattered in seven districts in the province had tested positive for bird flu since January to March 2011.

"The case of thousands of chickens died suddenly latest who tested positive for bird flu found at 15 dots / villages in 11 districts of Padang, a single point in Pariaman City, and one point in Padangpariaman," said Chief Animal Husbandry Department Ir Edwardi in Padang West Sumatra, on Tuesday (8 / 3).

Seven districts and the city of Padang include as many as 15 points with an estimated chickens that died suddenly reached 2,000 animals, including the Pasarraya city. Furthermore, in the city of Solok at one point carrying 190 chickens died suddenly and the District of Solok one point with the number of chickens died suddenly about 15 tails.

Then in the Calendar, there is one point with the 30 chickens died suddenly. In the South Coastal District, recorded two points about 150 tails."

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