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Friday, April 30, 2010

Australia : Flu jab still the safer option for children

Via The Independent Weekly:

" Alarm surrounding the suspended flu vaccine could set back vaccination rates around the country, health experts say.

The seasonal flu shot, which guards against influenza A, influenza B and swine flu, was suspended last week for under-fives following a high level of bad reactions in young children.

Hundreds of adverse reactions have been reported, mainly in Queensland and Western Australia, and the vaccine is now under investigation by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

The scare has given wind to vocal anti-vaccination activists, who have inundated web forums and talkback radio shows with concerns.

However, experts say vaccination programs, while not risk-free, are still the safest route.

SA Health’s chief medical officer Professor Paddy Philips said vaccination was a fundamental cornerstone of good public health and “one of the main reasons we have a healthy community”.

But unlike other states, SA is not releasing the number of children who have had adverse reactions."

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