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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

UK : Girl died of swine flu after being misdiagnosed

Via Telegraph:

" A teenage girl who died of swine flu went without vital drugs after she was diagnosed with pneumonia, an inquest heard today.

Madelynne Butcher returned from holiday in Tenerife with a chest infection and was taken to Southampton General Hospital.

Dr Anindo Banerjee, a respiratory consultant, suspected the 18-year-old was suffering from a bacteria-based pneumonia infection and put her on anti-biotics.

Doctors were concerned that, with only limited stocks of swine flu medicine, they should not prescribe the specialist drugs unless they were very confident in their diagnosis, the inquest was told.

It was another 36 hours before tests confirmed the student had contracted the H1N1 virus and she was started on Tamiflu, the inquest at Leicester Town Hall heard."

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