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Friday, April 30, 2010

Indonesia : Sungaiapit, Riau - Bird flu spreads to other villages

Another H5N1 post from Ida at Bird Flu Information Corner:

" Bird flu H5N1 has spread to Desa Parit I/II, Desa Harapan and Kelurahan Sungaiapit since it was firstly identified in Desa Lalang.

Until now, bird flu infected human suspect has reached nine victims. Two of them are now being treated at Arifin Achmad hospital in Pekanbaru, while others are refused to be hospitalized.

Based on the investigation of Health Service and Livestock Service of Kabupaten Siak, so far dead chickens had been tested positive bird flu H5N1.

Also, Health Service had collected patient’s liquid samples for further check and treated patients with Tamiflu."

Is the situation in Indonesia out of control or is it still at moderate level??

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