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Thursday, May 20, 2010

US : Benefit held for H1N1 victim and Davison High School junior Tim Drost

Via MLive, please read the whole article :

" DAVISON TOWNSHIP, Michigan : One by one, Tim Drost’s classmates came up to the Davison High School junior and let him know they were pulling for his recovery.

Tim, 17, has been out of school since October when he was hospitalized with the HINI flu virus.

The near-death experience has affected all his motor skills.

Although still recovering at Mary Free Bed Rehab Hospital in Grand Rapids, Tim said he is looking forward to getting home and back to school, possibly in September.

“The class of 2011 won’t be complete without you,” said David Kennedy, junior class representative on the Davison Board of Education.

“We still miss you and just want you to get better.”

But before Tim can return home to stay, his family’s two-story area home needs about $40,000 in renovations.

Wednesday, his family brought Tim home from the hospital so that classmates, the Davison Optimists and a local eye care business could present him with cash donations amounting to $3,100."

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