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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Australia : Taskforce to tackle hendra virus outbreak

Via ABC News :

" New South Wales and Queensland will work together to investigate and respond to the hendra virus following a recent spate of cases across both states.

There have been five outbreaks of hendra virus in the past three weeks in both states - three in south-east Queensland and two in New South Wales.

Seven horses have died and another 40 are under quarantine. Thirty-two people who were exposed to the infected animals are being tested and monitored for signs of the virus.

The taskforce will include chief veterinarians, health officers and scientists as well as a CSIRO representative.

Queensland's Agriculture Minister Tim Mulherin says the taskforce will meet in Brisbane on Wednesday.

"The taskforce will work on three fronts: We'll be analysing the situation in both states to better understand the outbreak; identifying areas of further collaboration, and undertaking longer-term planning for managing the disease and it's impact," he said.

"By bringing these experts and leaders together we will work more closely to reduce the incidences and the impacts of hendra cases."

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