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Friday, July 22, 2011

Zimbabwe : Cholera threat remains in Chisumbanje

Via SW Radio Africa :

" Chipinge : More than two years after the cholera outbreak that killed more than 4 000 people across Zimbabwe, the people of Chisumbanje are living in fear of another major outbreak due to a suspect drinking water source and lack of adequate sanitation.

This year, one person is reported to have died and more than 150 people have contracted the disease.

James Jamela (not his real name) works at Chisumbanje Estate and shares two rooms with his family in a company house. They share a single toilet with two other families and they experience regular water cuts.

“Our biggest problem is water shortages; we have to draw water for drinking and other household use from nearby canals and dams which are unprotected,” says Jamela.

When water taps run dry, the toilet becomes unusable. This prompts Jamela and his family to use a nearby field to relieve themselves.

Jamela’s neighbor, Eddy Mshandu said that the main problem at the Estate is the old water and sanitation facilities. “The current water system was inherited from ARDA estate and now needs complete overhaul.”

Jamela’s case is typical of many workers and residents at Chisumbanje Estate who face the threat of cholera as a result of the regular water cuts and inadequate sanitation."

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