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Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Zealand : Measles scare sees 149 children quarantined

Via Stuff :

" Over 140 primary students were quarantined at school following a measles scare - and frustrated parents abused staff when they were called to collect their kids from the Pakuranga school.

As Auckland's measle crisis worsens - at last count there had been 64 cases in the lastest oubreak - Wakaaranga School moved to send home 149 of its pupils on Monday who didn't have evidence to show they had been immunised.

Principal Brent Jenkin says by the end of the day he still had 60 children in isolation.

"Obviously we had to keep them quarantined,'' he says.

Jenkin says a letter was sent home last Friday advising parents who had not notified the school of their children's immunisation status to do so immediately - or keep them away on Monday.

The letter followed a message from the Auckland Regional Health Service advising the school that one of their pupils had the notifiable disease.

Jenkins says once the news got out, extra staff, including PTA volunteers, were required to deal with the large influx of phone calls.

He said many parents took their frustrations out on the school."

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