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Thursday, July 14, 2011

India : Boy dies of rabies afterwild squirrel bite

Via The Hindu :

" Bite by a wild squirrel is suspected to be the cause of the death of a seven-year- old-boy after contracting rabies.

The child, hailing from Pavithreshwaram in the district, succumbed to the viral attack at the Thiruvananthapuram Medical College Hospital on Wednesday night.

He was admitted in the hospital four days ago.

The parents of the child said that three month ago one afternoon while sleeping, they heard the boy cry.

They rushed to him and saw a squirrel running out of the room. On examining the child, they found that the squirrel had bitten him.

Some traditional medicine was administered to him then. The boy attended school after the vacations and did not show any signs of being infected with rabies.

But, five days ago he showed symptoms of fever, drooling, and weakness.

The parents rushed him to a nearby hospital, from where he was referred to the medical college hospital, relatives said."

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