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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

India : Cases of dengue on the rise in Chennai

Via Times of India, excerpt :

" CHENNAI: Dengue fever is on the rise in the city. Many hospitals say they have started seeing at least five new cases every day. Some patients have been admitted for intensive care and a few have died.

"We have one patient in the ICU even today. The patient's platelet count dropped very badly," said a senior physician at St Isabel's hospital told on Thursday.

The situation is worse at the children's hospitals and wards. Doctors in almost all children's hospitals have been admitting dengue patients for intensive care. "We have a policy not to reveal hospital statistics. But we are seeing kids with dengue. One of them, a three-year-old, died in the hospital on Sunday as it was too late for her to be treated. We have sent the cause of death as dengue in the death declaration form," a senior doctor from the Apollo Children's Hospital said."

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