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Thursday, July 28, 2011

India : Two deaths confirmed due to dengue

Via The Hindu :

" The district health authorities here on Tuesday confirmed that two children, one four-year-old boy - Dhanush - and a 10-month-old-infant - Zaayed - have died due to dengue.

Another patient who had tested positive for dengue is recovering and ready to be discharged from Mahaveer Hospitals, officials said.

The district health officials said that Dhanush hailed from Gudimalkpur region while Zaayed belonged to Langar Houz area. The authorities said that there has been a spate of suspected dengue cases in and around the Langar Houz area in the past one week. “The dengue tests conducted by Veterinary Biological Research Institute (VBRI), Mehdipatnam have come positive. The other third case is recovering normally,” said Hyderabad District Medical and Health Officer (DM&HO), Dr. B. L. Veena Kumari."

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