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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WHO raises alarm over malnutrition facing Asia-Pacific children

From Xinhua :

" The World Health Organization (WHO) warned that millions of children are dying or falling prey to diseases due to malnutrition in Asia-Pacific region.

Failure to address the issue is having an impact beyond health and is causing direct social and economic consequences, as malnutrition affects productivity by reducing capacity to perform physical work and lessening earning ability, WHO said in a press release here Tuesday.

WHO said the double burden of malnutrition and overweight, with malnutrition more prominent in Asia, weakens people's immune systems and heightens the risk of noncommunicable diseases.

Malnutrition accounts for 11 percent of the global burden of disease, leading to long-term poor health and disability, as well as poor educational and development outcomes, according to WHO."

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