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Friday, September 30, 2011

Botswana : Rabies cases on the rise

Via Mmegi Online :

" Dr Oumer Nesredin, a medical doctor with the Ministry of Health, has said that the number of people infected and affected by rabies in Botswana is on the rise.

Speaking at an event to commemorate World Rabies Day in Gaborone yesterday, Dr Nesredin said that people seek rabies treatment after coming into contact with infected animals.

He said that children are the main victims of death from the disease. Explaining how infected children might behave he said, "The child might want to bite others or strike others with something. They might get irritable or just cling to their mothers. These are worrisome changes of behaviour and should be reported to the nearest health facility immediately".

He added that an infected person is unable to drink or eat food although he or she could be very thirsty or hungry. This is because the muscles around the throat close when one tries to swallow. The infected person usually struggles to balance and experiences muscle pains."

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