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Thursday, September 15, 2011

India : Dengue, malaria cases on the rise

Via Times of India :

" NOIDA: Dengue has reared its ugly head even in Noida with the district hospital confirming six cases from the 36 samples sent by private hospitals for testing. Private hospitals in the city, however, said that the number of dengue cases is lesser as compared to the past years and, instead, malaria is on the increase.

According to Noida's chief medical officer (CMO) Dr RK Garg, private hospitals sent 36 blood samples to the district hospital, out of which 6 case were confirmed as dengue. "The patients are currently not in danger and have been discharged from the hospital," said Dr Garg.

The dengue patients include Shaurya (10) a resident of Barola, sector 29 residents Sushila (66) and Uma Rathi (45), sector 25 resident Osama (11), Vishal (12) a resident of Charela and Vineet Gupta, a resident of sector 93A. Dr Garg also added that he has alerted the Noida Authority to carry out spraying and fogging in the areas from which patients have been reported."

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