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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pakistan : 100 doctors contract dengue in Lahore

Via Gulf Today :

" LAHORE: More than 100 doctors in various hospitals of Lahore have contracted dengue, while dozens others are suffering due to the exhausting 12-hour shifts.

Several hospitals are not being cleaned effectively.

Doctors hence fear that these hospitals have transformed into breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

On Monday four more people died of dengue in Lahore, which increased the death toll to 36. A doctor working with the team of Sri Lankan experts told that the team, to their utter surprise, had found eggs of dengue mosquitoes at a public hospital.

“Doctors are also human beings. Many of them are terrified when they see mosquitoes droning menacingly at hospitals. These mosquitoes may inject the virus into healthy individuals,” a doctor working at Mayo hospital said. More than 25 doctors working for Mayo hospital have so far contracted dengue.

Also, a hospital employee named Muhammad Ayub had died of the disease."

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