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Monday, September 26, 2011

India : Dengue fever cases on the rise in T’puram

Via Asia Net India :

" Thiruvananthapuram :According to the recent reports, the number of patients being hospitalized with dengue fever and other contagious diseases in Thiruvananthapuram is increasing.

As many as 814 persons have been confirmed with fever in the district and are under treatment in various hospitals. In the district Kaliyoor, Aryanadu and Vattiyoorkkavu are the areas reported with dengue fever cases.

Ten persons have been confirmed with dengue fever so far. The district health administration is worried that after what was thought to be a lull period, viral fever cases are going up again.

The health authorities have urged the people to boil water before drinking, to consume food when it is hot, to keep their houses and surroundings clean and to dispose of garbage properly.

As any fever can be dengue fever and leptospirosis, those with fever have been asked to consult doctors immediately. The people have been asked to avoid outdoor food to curb the outbreak of Jaundice."

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