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Monday, September 26, 2011

Nigeria : Cholera Epidemic

Article via Nigerian Tribune :

" THE reported cases of severe outbreak of cholera in Oyo State, shortly after the season of sorrow and tears as a result of the disastrous floods that led to loss of life and property can only be described as a double jeopardy.

According to the story, the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan, warned that there was potent fear of a major outbreak of this virulent and highly deadly ailment, if actions were not taken quickly to arrest the situation.

The hospital confirmed that the statistical data of casualties at its disposal makes the situation dreadful. “If we are seeing what we see in UCH, I know that thousands of people are already receiving treatment in private hospitals, some drinking spiritual water in healing homes and others indulging in self medication due to lack of funds to attend teaching or private hospitals,” a medical laboratory scientist lamented.

Cholera epidemic is not new to Nigerians. It has killed both the high and the low. But then, it is really sad that this scourge could still be one of the life-threatening epidemics in modern day Nigeria.

Cholera, which according to medical research has the potency to terminate the life of its victim within a few hours if not quickly managed, can wipe out a rural and ignorant settlement due to its ferocity."

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