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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pakistan : Seven die, scores affected due to diarrhea outbreak

It looks like Pakistan is not only dealing with a dengue outbreak, diarrhea is also causing problems and fatalities. Via Pakistan Observer, excerpt :

" Landikotal : At least seven people including women and children died and dozens others hospitalized after diarrhea broke out in Tirah Valley of Khyber Agency.

According to local sources, due to contaminated water and unhygienic conditions epidemics like diarrhea broke out in far flung and militancy-hit Tirah Valley.

Due to outbreak of the epidemic and absence of appropriate medical treatment, seven people including women and children have died during two days.

Meanwhile, dozens others diarrhea patients were shifting to different hospitals. Most of the hospitals in the troubled area were lying closed due to militants’ activities and security forces action and there was no staff in the hospitals and Basic Health Units (BHU).

Local sources said that several affected people were in critical condition as there was no facility of medical treatment in the area. The dwellers of Tirah Valley have demanded of the provincial and federal government for sending doctors’ teams and medicines in the affected areas to stop the further spreads o the epidemic."

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