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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2 fatality in Indonesia suspected bird flu patients

News is coming out of the local media in Indonesia with reports of fatalities due to bird flu. First is a 4 year old boy and the other is the 18 year old suspect whom I posted earlier as in critical condition.

Below are the machine translated articles :

Allegedly Infected with Bird Flu, Boy 4 Year Deaths

JAKARTA : Nazril Ilham (4) single-child couples Maimunah (25) and Mohammed Enzen (24), of Kampung Sungai Bintaro Branch 4 RT 1.1 Hurip Jaya Village, District Babelan, Dies Bekasi District. Suspected Bird Flu Nazriel.

The victim died after being treated for six days in hospital Anna Bekasi. The atmosphere of grief is still visible at the funeral home shortly after the victim was buried in the cemetery not far from his home, Wednesday (01/24/2012). Surprisingly burial victims without assisted the hospital or health department Bekasi.

Again, Bird Flu Patient Dies

After 5 days treated in isolation space bird flu, RO, 18 years, men who indicated suspect bird flu died. RO died at 12:30 pm in the isolation room bird flu Tangerang District Hospital.

"The patient died at 12.30 pm, due to respiratory failure," said Head of Public Relations Tangerang District Hospital, Achmad Muchlis to , Wednesday, January 25, 2012. Dikatakanya, since entering the room isolation, the condition of critically ill patients and no progress.

Until finally died of respiratory failure. "Until now there has been no official information related to the correct patient infected with bird flu," he said."

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