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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bhutan : Bird flu detected in wild birds

Via Kuensel Online :

" After chickens, the contagious bird flu has now been detected in wild birds.

Investigations will begin tomorrow in Phuentsholing to find out if the flu would affect the wild bird population in the country.

The investigation is carried out after the National Incident Command Centre (NICC) for bird flu received reports of some 18 wild birds death that died simultaneously over the last week.

First, about 15 “house crows” were found dead on January 19 near the junction of Rabten workshop and GREF camp. House crows are a species that are found in sub-tropical areas like Phuentsholing.

The satellite veterinary laboratory officer in-charge Tuku Rai said all 15 crows had decomposed and could not be used for laboratory investigation. “But we managed to find a sick crow from the same area,” Tuku Rai said. “The sample tested positive for H5 and influenza “A” virus during the filed investigation."

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