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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ecuador : Dengue increases in Manabi country and only 99 cases in less than a month

Machine translated article via El Universo :

" Dengue cases are increasing at an accelerated pace in the country, especially in the provinces of Los Rios, who according to the National Secretariat for Risk Management (SNGR) is the hardest hit by the effects of the rains, and Manabi.

As of last Friday the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) reported 465 people with the condition, of which 196 corresponded to Guayas (2 of them serious), 128 Gold, 69 rivers, 45 to Manabi (2 of them severe), and 27 to Esmeraldas (1 severe). To prevent the disease, authorities asked the public to follow at least ten recommendations. In Los Rios, the number of people infected with the disease rose to 132, according to data released yesterday by the Department of Health in this province."

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