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Monday, January 23, 2012

Fiji : Lepto alert

Via The Fiji Times :

" THE Lautoka Hospital attended to two new cases of leptospirosis last week.

As a result, a fresh warning has been issued to the public about the threat posed by the illness which claimed 10 lives last year.

Hospital acting medical consultant Dr Simione Voceduadua confirmed the two patients were treated and sent home.

He said the wet weather condition could hasten the spread of the illness via contaminated water.

"This time last year many people were treated with leptospirosis. Unfortunately, some died," said Dr Voceduadua.

"Leptospirosis is much more dangerous than typhoid and people must visit the hospital should they have symptoms.

"We need to be vigilant of the places we visit and watch out for contaminated water."

Dr Voceduadua said domestic animals must also be well looked after since the illness was spread from animal waste."

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