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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Japan : 1 dead, 2 critical following flu outbreak in Saitama hospital

Via Japan Today :

" One person has died and two are in a critical condition after 39 people were infected by a flu outbreak in a Saitama hospital, officials said Thursday.

According to an Ageo Central General Hospital spokesperson, both patients and staff have been affected by the nosocomial infection. In total, 20 patients and 19 staff members are believed to have contracted the virus, TV Asahi reported. Thirty-one of those stricken have tested positive for influenza type A viruses.

The deceased is believed to have been a woman in her 80s. The hospital says the woman contracted the virus on the afternoon of Jan 20, following which her fever rose to 38 degrees. Doctors say the woman passed away within hours of showing the first signs of the virus. A man in his 80s and another in his 50s are still critical, TV Asahi quoted doctors as saying."

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