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Monday, January 30, 2012

Indonesia : One Man Allegedly Infected with Bird Flu

Machine translated article via Republika dated 29th January :

" The bird flu virus that caused the death of dozens of chickens in the village of Cinnamon, Village Cibadak, Land Sareal, the city of Bogor, alleged to have been transmitted to humans.

Ipan Sopian, a local resident, fell ill after consuming his dead chicken. Chickens belonging Ipan including one of dozens of chickens that tested positive for bird flu by the Department of Agriculture Bogor City. "In the afternoon I was still fresh chicken and want to eat, suddenly the morning was dead.

Because unfortunately, I cook just for eating. After that even my sick, "said Ipan, Sunday (29 / 1). When the check into the local health center, Ipan diagnosed with bird flu. He was allowed to go home after being given the drug. "He said bird flu. But now it is little better after a given drug,"said Ipan which has now been business as usual.

The local Health Department can not be confirmed bird flu related virus transmission to humans of this. When contacted, Section Chief of Infectious Disease Prevention Bogor City Health Office, Ratna Diah, did not give an answer."

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