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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Indonesia : 25 Chicken Bird Flu Positive in Palembang

Translated article from Tribun News :

" Palembang residents dihebohkan with the death of 25 chickens owned by residents Emil Palembang Jalan Diponegoro suddenly a few days ago. Most of the chickens were purchased Emil from the Bird Market, located in the region 17 Ilir Palembang.

"According to Emil, most of the chickens he bought from the Bird Market in Palembang," said Head of the Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry (DP2K) Palembang, Sudirman Tegoeh, Monday (01/31/2011).

Still said Sudirman, based on the recognition of Emil, a resident who lived just around 1 year in Palembang, originally chicken only 4 tails. But then he bought again at the Palembang Bird Market up to 25 heads. Admittedly, so far no problems with pet chickens are placed in the cage next to his home round."

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