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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Malaysia : 3 illegals in lock-up latest victims

Via News Straits Times:

" Three detainees in a police lock-up are the latest victims of suspected influenza A (H1N1). They join the list of infected, including schoolchildren, National Service trainees and the public.

The detainees, who showed symptoms of the disease, were among the illegal immigrants held at the Segamat police station lock-up.

Director-General of Health Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican said yesterday one of the detainees had been hospitalised while the other two were treated as outpatients.

He said as of 8am yesterday, 14 people, including two pupils, were treated for suspected H1N1.

The two pupils are from SM Datuk Syed Esa, Batu Pahat, Johor.

Six members of a family from Taman Puteri Kluang, Johor, were also suspected to be down with the flu. Two of them have been hospitalised while the rest were treated as outpatients.

Three National Service trainees from the Tasik Meranti camp in Perlis have been hospitalised.

"We are seeing more positive H1N1 cases," Dr Ismail said.

As at 5.30pm on Friday, 617 people have been hospitalised.

Sixty-two were confirmed influenza A patients, with seven placed in intensive care.

Dr Ismail warned Malaysians that the virus was spreading and the people should not take the situation lightly as complacency could lead to fatality.

He said despite the advice, there were still people with symptoms of the disease seeking late treatment.

"I have repeatedly advised the public that they must see a doctor on the very onset of symptoms.

"We have to be on high alert for the second wave, especially with Malaysians being susceptible to infections."

He advised people in the high risk category, including those with diabetes and heart and respiratory diseases, to get themselves vaccinated.

Details are available on the ministry's website and the vaccination is free."

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