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Monday, September 5, 2011

New Zealand : Measles Outbreaks 2011 - update 04

Media release from New Zealand's Ministry of Health with regards to the measles outbreak :

" New confirmed cases of measles have been reported in Auckland region and in the Waikato since the last update.

As of Wednesday 31 August 2011:

  • Eight more new confirmed cases of measles have been reported in the last week, 6 from Auckland region and 2 from the Waikato.

  • There have been 116 confirmed cases of measles since 30 May 2011 reported to Auckland
    Regional Public Health Service. Most of these cases (96) are in Waitemata DHB.

  • There have been 23 confirmed cases reported in the Waikato since 27 July 2011.

  • There have been 198 confirmed cases of measles in New Zealand since January 2011.

  • Twenty-one people with measles have been admitted to hospital so far this year. "

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