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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

India, Kerala : 117 malaria cases detected in Kozhikode

Via The Hindu, excerpt :

There has been a rise in the number of malaria cases in the district.
The district malaria office on Monday confirmed 117 cases of the disease this year. But a more worrying statistic is that in 19 cases, malaria has been contracted indigenously, revealing that the source of infection is within the district.
“In these 19 cases, the infected people have no history of travel. Tthe infection was not imported but received from local sources within Kozhikode,” sad Vimal Raj, District Malaria Officer, Kozhikode.
Compared to 19 malaria cases contracted locally this year, only one case was reported to have been contracted indigenously in 2012.
Official figures show there is a steep rise in the number of malaria cases in the past five months. While there was one case of malaria reported in March, 5 were detected in April, 3 in July and 10 in August this year. Of this, a majority of 10 cases have been detected within the Kozhikode Corporation, raising serious health concerns for city dwellers. Four of the 19 cases have been found in Beypore alone."

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