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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Nepal : Poultrymen hiding bird flu infected fowls?

Via The Himalayan Times, excerpt :

 Poultry farmers in Bhaktapur are suspected to have concealed bird flu infected fowls and eggs.

Balaram Kisi, a poultry farmer in Bhaktapur, said that many farmers who own three to four farms had asked the government teams to cull chickens at two to three farms only. Kisi said farmers were not truthful about the number of bird flu infected fowls, as government teams were culling only those birds which the farmers said were infected with the virus. 

Kisi said a rapid response team had destroyed more than 20,000 chickens and two lakh eggs in his farm. “The team culled fewer fowls in other poultry farms even though they had as many birds as in my farm,” he said, demanding that the government carry out an investigation to find out whether farmers were concealing fowls and eggs. “As some farmers have hidden bird flu infected fowls and eggs, it is impossible to curb the spread of the disease,” he added. 

District Livestock Office, Bhaktapur, however, said it had destroyed chickens, eggs and chicken feed at the farms where bird flu had been confirmed. Chief at the livestock office Khagendra Raj Bhatta said the teams did not have time to look into the cases of farmers concealing the fowls, as they were busy culling infected birds."

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