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Monday, August 26, 2013

Mauritians express concern about H1N1 flu

Via Afrique Jet, excerpt : 

 With two deaths reported in a week following complications linked to H1N1 flu and scores of people going to hospital with the symptoms, Mauritians are beginning to express concern about the proliferation of the type A of the virus in the island.

The director for Health Services, Dr Tilochun Ram Nundlall, says that three types of virus are circulating in the island: A, B and C.

“If the C virus is more seldom, those of A and B are constantly present in the island so much so that, the H1N1 flu has become a seasonal flu. No need now to express concern but precautions are, however, to be taken,” he said.

Dr Nundlall stressed that there is no epidemic of H1N1 in Mauritius."

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